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May 2008- Professional Development Academy

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Interactive Whiteboards and Personal Response Systems with Amy Geotina


Interactive Whiteboard Resources



List of how to use whiteboards in classroom.  Overview of different brands and links



Lots of links for different grade levels!



More links to interactives that can be used in the classroom



create educational games and activities that can be hosted on your own blog, website or intranet



Free interactive games developed by company in UK


Podcasting with Theresa Gabor


Using Podcasts in the Classroom- wiki page with the resources from the session




Web 2.0 with Theresa Gabor


Web 2.0- page with all the links from the presentation. 


Web 2.0 Presentation  Web 20.ppt


Technology Integration with Amy and Theresa


Digital Bloom's Taxonomy


Bloom 2.0 Presentation  Bloom 2.ppt

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